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About The Rent Boss

The Rent Boss: Property management professionals.

The Rent Boss has years of experience helping the property owners of Evans manage their residential investments. With our expertise and resources we enable your investment to yield a significant return.

To be an efficient property manager you must either be an expert in a variety of different areas or have a reliable team in your corner to help secure your success. Building codes and standards are constantly changing and that area alone is complex enough to require its own professionals. And that is only a fraction of the experience and knowledge required to correctly manage a property. There are very few individuals who are thoroughly educated in the fields of marketing, accounting, maintenance, legal compliance, and leasing and that is why the property owners of Evans have come to rely on the The Rent Boss team.

We handle all of these areas so that our clients can have the time to focus on their own expertise - whatever that may be.

We take charge of your property so you don't have to.

Besides freeing up your time you may wonder why a property owner would hire a property management company. The main reason is to secure a continuous flow of revenue.

Renter / Tenant Satisfaction

Our services will assure renter satisfaction by keeping the premises in pristine condition with our maintenance program. When a property owner or tenant requires assistance, we are there with a 24/7 emergency service.

Tenant / Renter Screening

The Rent Boss performs rigorous screening of all prospective tenants for residential complexes so that that our clients can rest easy, knowing that they will have responsible tenants who will respect the property.

If you own a rental property in Evans, isn't it time that you gave The Rent Boss a call? Let us put our expertise to work for you so you can get back to enjoying the fruits of your investments.